Split Bill

What is Split Bill?

Need to divvy up the cable bill with roommates or a group dinner with friends? We help you do the math and send a text message to friends with a link pay you back via Venmo or instantly via Chime (if your friend is a Chime Member) It makes splitting the check a piece of cake.

How Do I Split a Bill?

You can split a bill from your Spending Account transaction history screen. Swipe the transaction to the left and a “SPLIT” option will appear. Note: on iOS you can also use 3D Touch on the transaction notification to split the bill.

Tap “SPLIT” to choose contacts from your address book. Only contacts that include phone numbers in your address book or that are Chime members associated with the email in your address book will be displayed. Select the contacts to whom you wish to send a request to split the bill, then tap NEXT to finalize the request details.

On the Split screen you’ll see the split amount which is equal to the full transaction amount. Here you can add a note and for some transaction types you can add a tip to the total bill amount. Tap NEXT to continue to the next screen where you’ll have an option to edit the requested payment amount for each recipient.

On the Confirm Split screen, tap SEND REQUESTS to finalize the split bill requests, or tap EDIT AMOUNTS to change the requested amount for each recipient.

On the Edit Amounts screen, tap the recipient's name to edit the requested amount for the recipient. Tap SAVE to save your changes or hit the “X” in the top right corner to cancel and to go back to the Confirm Split screen.

On the Confirm Split screen, tap SEND REQUESTS. The recipients will receive a text message with a link to pay you back through Pay Friends if they are a Chime member or through Venmo.  


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