What are the new features for the Home Screen navigation?

With our new widget-based home screen on iOS devices, we’ve made it even easier for our members to control their finances and access their favorite features.

Our Settings and ATM finder can be found in the top-left and top-right corners, respectively. Your Spending Balance and Savings Balance are shown prominently, and below them, the three most recent transactions are listed, identified by fun emojis.                                                        

In the mid-screen area, there are shortcuts to some of the most popular sections of the Chime mobile app such as Rewards and Chime Checkbook. As we continue to add more features to the Chime mobile app, shortcuts will be personalized for each user, based on their habits and preferences. 

Below the shortcuts, you can view any external accounts that you have linked to your Chime Account. For certain external banks, you can see your balance directly on the Chime home screen. Learn more about our connected accounts here

The bottom bar of icons has been streamlined to include three options: your Home Screen, Move Money, and Support. These changes have made it easier to navigate the Chime mobile app. We welcome the feedback from our members. 

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