Chime Rewards

What are Chime Rewards?

Chime Rewards are instant cash-back rewards for using your Chime Visa Debit Card to pay certain bills or make purchases at specific retailers. 


Where can I find Chime Rewards?

We're constantly adding new rewards for a range of categories from groceries, restaurants, and shopping to entertainment and monthly expenses like cable and cell phone bills. Download our mobile app for iPhone or Android or go to your online account to check out the rewards available to you. 

Rewards get updated frequently. Any reward that’s available to you will show up on the Rewards screen of your online account or in the mobile app, so check back often. 

On Android, rewards are found by clicking on the rewards tab via the navigation menu on the left hand side of the app. On iOS rewards can now be found using the shortcuts widget on app version 3.3 or later.


How do I redeem a Chime Reward?

The Chime app for iPhone or Android has a list of rewards available to you. Pay for your purchase at the indicated location with your Chime Visa Debit Card, and the reward will be automatically applied to your Spending Account.

Rewards can either be for a specific retailer--like Moe’s Diner--or a general category--like “Restaurants”. Retailer-specific rewards can only be redeemed at the specified retailer, whereas category rewards can been redeemed at any retailer in the given category.  

Will I see the Chime Reward on the printed receipt or at the register?

No. The register will ring up the full price of your purchase, but the amount of the offer you redeemed will be instantly applied to your Spending Account as a credit. 


What if I don't see my Chime Reward posted to my Spending Account?

On rare occasions, there may be a delay in crediting a reward to your Spending Account. If you do not see a reward posted within 24 hours, please contact our Member Services team through the Chime app or by emailing

Please note that each reward has a limited number of redemptions and an expiration date which you can see by view the reward details when you tap on a specific reward. 


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