Tax Refund: Quick Setup


To direct deposit your tax refund into your Chime account:

  1. Get your account and routing numbers from the Move Money section of your Chime account.

  2. Select direct deposit as your refund method and include your account and routing numbers.

  3. We’ll let you know the moment your refund is deposited to your account.


Common Questions:

Can I receive a tax refund direct deposit that is the name of my domestic partner, spouse, dependent, or child?

Chime accepts deposits that have your name listed as payee. If you joint file with a domestic partner, spouse, or dependent, your name must be on the deposit file Chime receive from the IRS. We may ask you for additional identity verification before we deposit your refund.


I’m expecting a large tax refund. Are there any limits to the amount I can direct deposit?

Yes, you can direct deposit any amount to your Chime Spending Account. We’ll let you know the moment your deposit posts with a transaction alert. Note: Tax refunds typically post on the day listed in the IRS refund tracker, not 2 days early.



What are my spending limits?

You can spend up to $2,500.00 per day by swiping your Chime card. Payments made with your account and routing numbers, such as direct debit and bill payments, are not limited. 

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